V!TOR is an exclusive streetwear brand with a unique, personal twist. Proud to be locally produced and globally distributed, its strongest resources and inspiration are the local creativity, tiny subcultures and lifestyles surrounding it. The two creative minds behind V!TOR are Vitor Bastos and Luisa Cativo.

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3Clic is an innovative way to show your fashion creations on the internet. Your audience will be able to explore your collection in a more direct manner by simply clicking on the different elements of the video. We are open to your ideas in order to push fashion contents further.

  • We can produce fresher fashion shows
  • We bring fashion performances to the web in no time
  • We push fashion experience forward
  • We can help you to spread the word

Do you want a 3Clic just for you?

As a designer, do you want to promote your collection using video and web?

As a brand, do you want to be involved in fashion in the most state-of-the-art way?

Whoever you are, do you want to push forward interactive fashion?

Please, contact hello@3-clic.com and be ready to be creative with us.

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Film: David Salaíces

Film Crew: Iván Sánchez Alonso, Álex Santiago, Víctor Pajares, José Carlos Guerra-Librero, Alberto Valiente.

Photography: Ana Nieto & Rodolfo Zegarra

Music: Time to go by Glockenwise Peephole Music by David Salaices

Hairdressing: Instituto IDEM

Make Up: Look Make Up

Models: Mirian Dominguez (KMM), Marina Zemmlianska (KMM), Irene Montero, David Bartolomé (KMM), Lara Arguedas, Carlo Bas, Rumen Dianov, Evangelina Rodríguez, Álvaro Larrea Covián, Sasha Slugina, Raquel García, Lorena García, Nieves Andrea Calvo López (KMM), Gabriela Maxin, Mina Alexandra Circeie, Helen Eller. KMM is Kitsch Model Madrid www.kitschmodelos.es

Special Thanks to Kitsch Model Madrid, Marie Amardeil, Héctor Ramírez, Marco Carbone, Jordi Chicletol